IT Security Solutions


Addition IT har lång erfarenhet utav identitets-
och åtkomsthantering samt säkra molnlösningar.

AIM Self-Service Password Reset


AIM SSPR är ett självserviceverktyg som möjliggör för användarna att
återställa sitt lösenord på ett säkert sätt.

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

IT Service Management

Med kompetens i teknik, säkerhet, standarder och processer
säkerställer vi våra kunders driftstabilitet, produktivitet och lönsamhet.

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Assessment / GAP Analysis

Our method for GAP analysis is as simple as proven.

GAP Analysis

Our process starts with a current situation analysis and with an discussion based on common knowledge and experience on how to define an optimal environment. Then we starts with planning, implementation, follow-up and a method for innovation and further development of the function.


Service Management Assessment

We offer assessment and transformational services focused on helping you define or refine your cloud computing vision, infrastructure, application services, architecture, and together we form a road map.

GDPR Assessment

Assessment for compliance with the GDPR requirements (General Data Protection Regulation)

Information Security ISO 27000 Assessment

Pre-study on updating the information security requirements ISO 27000 in new with processes in SIS – Swedish Institute of Standards.


Security Assessment

Security has never been more important. The security problems affect productivity and profitability.

75% of all employees who quit a company remain in the old systems and thus have the opportunity to access digital information from their old employer!

We make sure that the right people get the right rights to the right resource at the right time. And we ensure that employees who quit do not have access to the systems after the termination of employment.

We offer an analysis of your security level.
We propose measures and action plans and offer security services as a function (SECaaS – Security as a Service) at a fixed price per month.

• Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

• Shadow Assessment

• Rapid Cyberattack Assessment Workshop