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Addition IT har lång erfarenhet utav identitets-
och åtkomsthantering samt säkra molnlösningar.

AIM Self-Service Password Reset


AIM SSPR är ett självserviceverktyg som möjliggör för användarna att
återställa sitt lösenord på ett säkert sätt.

Microsoft Identity Manager 2016

IT Service Management

Med kompetens i teknik, säkerhet, standarder och processer
säkerställer vi våra kunders driftstabilitet, produktivitet och lönsamhet.

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About Addition IT

Addition IT Solutions Sweden AB was founded in 2001 with three partners as consultants with a simple focus: “Go for the buck”
But pretty soon we realized that it’s hard to be good at everything, Novell, Microsoft, Linux…

We need to focus! The choice fell on Microsoft who, fortunately, turned out to be the right choice. A few days later, we realized that Microsoft was also quite large with many products. We must focus within Microsoft.

We learned all about Microsoft’s infrastructure products. We led projects, designed, installed, migrated and automated processes at many large customers with Microsoft technology.

In 2005, we received a request to lead a project aimed at synchronizing identity information between databases.

Municipalities with many IT accounts (employees and students) had major investments and challenges in securing identity information.
The concept of IAM (Identity and Access Management) began. We took a step into the security cloud.

The challenges of the IAM projects were to translate the operational requirements from a number of connected operating systems into a technically harmonized IAM solution.

Today we offer IAM standard solutions in the “cloud” at a fraction of the cost.

Addition IT offers packaged cloud services in support and operations as well as agile development teams at fixed prices.

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